Nudist beach at Oggenrieder Weiher - Irsee (Bayern)

Our experience 

During our stay in Germany in Bad Worishofen, a touristic thermal town famous especially because of Sebastian Kneipp, who conceived the method of treatment that uses frequent baths of cold water, riding our inseparable bikes we made some tours in the area, to discover  villages and characteristic places,  enjoying the view of the great wheat fields of lower Bavaria. 

During one of these tours we have gone up to Irsee, small hillside town of 1,300 inhabitants, where there is an ancient Benedictine monastery and where you can also eat and drink an excellent beer. Arriving in Irsee from the north, after a grueling climb, we come across an area between trees and reeds with a central pond, the Oggenrieder Weiher. A large area in front of the pond is used as cars parking, the pedestrian access instead is by a dirt road on the left of the car park or also from an opening on the right. We come from the left side, which is access to the equipped area, where you will find a small kiosk, toilets, changing rooms, and where is parked most of the swimmers. The idea is to stop and rest on the grass in the shade of large trees, before resuming the trip back. In front of us, on the opposite bank, near to a wooden jetty, we see some swimmers who sunbathe naked, so we can guess that that is the naturist area of the pond. Being quite far from our hotel and having to back home by bike, unfortunately this time we could not use the opportunity to spend some hours to the practice of naturism. So we stay there still half hour only, in relax to enjoy a well earned rest.