Acquain - Andalo

A Sunday in September at AcquaIn (Andalo)

Now that is ended the summer vacation, unfortunately we return to the daily routine made of work and home, home and work, with less time to devote to body care and health pursuit. Therefore, so as not to lose the habit, today is Sunday and we decide to take a break and go to relax in a spa, somewhere in Trentino. So we opt for AcquaIn in Andalo, which is just a couple of hours by car from our home and where we have already been several times in the past. On Sundays the sauna area of AcquaIn is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

So, after a fairly smooth trip, in a slightly busy Brenner Motorway, the traffic is probably due to the repatriation of German tourists and a few holiday latecomer in September, at 10:01 a.m. we get to the parking of the Spa. After having put some coins in the parking meter, € 6 to cover all the entire day, we climb to the first floor where there is the ticket office. Presenting the parking ticket to the receptionist, we pay for a daily entrance in two € 34 instead of € 37, as we know there is a discount to half of the cost of the parking. Definitely it is the cheapest Italian Spa among those we have visited.

Since we arrived early, we are the first persons who access the spa and for a while we are also the only ones guests. The first aufguss starts at 2 p.m. so we take the opportunity to do our own things with no hurry. We start with a session of 20 minutes in the infrared cabin, a 5-seater room in which you sit on the wooden benches along the walls in order to give your back to the radiators devices. Besides, your body faces also further infrared radiators that have been inserted in appropriate columns in front to you. The Infrared "sauna" differs from classical Finnish sauna not only for the lower temperature, which can be maintained at around 60 ° C, but also for the way to heat the body that, in this case, is directly heated by the rays in a localized way and not by the surrounding air. In this sauna it is advisable to leave open the door of the cabin. After sitting in the infrared cabin and a quick lukewarm shower, we spend some minutes in the Kneipp bath, a path built around the cold water tub, so we do a turkish bath with salt peeling, finally a nice half hour relaxing on the external patio to breath fresh air and pleasantly conversing with the operator of the sauna team.


During our stay at AcquaIn we attend to three aufguss. The first one, at 2 p.m , takes place in the turkish bath given the low number of visitors and is accompanied by an exfoliation with salt mixed with natural mint oil and eucalyptus. The result is to make fresh and velvety our skin for several hours (normally, if you want to prolong the effect of peeling, an important tip is to avoid the jacuzzi because the chlorine content in the tanks increases the dryness of skin). The second aufguss is at 3:30 p.m. and is held in the Finnish sauna. It is a classic 12-minute aufguss, three rounds with basic essences of eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary, globally they are very hot, especially the last round. The third aufguss is at 5 p.m. and also this  takes place in Finnish sauna. It is accompanied by a peeling with pink palm. After the second round in fact we go out and the operator provides us with a wooden spoon a scented dough that we spread all over the body before returning inside the cabin and complete the session.


End of the day

After a nice relaxing day in a truly livable environment as is absolutely not crowded, at 6 p.m. we decided to leave. But not before having had a final session of 20 minutes in the infrared cabin. Good practices in fact suggest to start and finish the saunas cycle with infrared cabin. In this way the body is supported in adapting better to the change of conditions and temperature, stimulating blood circulation and also favoring the loss of unnecessary weight. After taking a beneficial hot shower, we go out at 7 p.m. and we move on the way back.

Tomorrow is Monday and the routine starts again ......

 (September 2016)